Physical Maturation B : Cognitive Development And Schooling

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This chapter includes three major topics: a) Physical maturation b) cognitive development and schooling c) threats to adolescents’ well-being. Adolescence is the time of psychological and physical change and growth. Adolescents grow very rapidly in physical appearance like weight and height. Puberty is the time when sexual organs become mature and start to produce the sex hormones. Cultural and environment are two factors of puberty. Girls who are grow in the wealthier family have menstruation begins earlier than who are grow in the poorer family. One study showed that amount of fat to muscle in the body and environmental stress like family conflicts or parental divorces also play an important role in menarche timings. Primary sex characteristics are directly related to sex organs while secondary sex characteristics are not directly related to sex organs. Early and late maturation are the consequences of puberty timings. Nutrition is necessary for physical growth in adolescence. There are two problems related to nutrition are eating disorders and obesity. Obesity occurs due to fast food availability, lack of exercise and most of children spend their leisure time inside the home. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia are two eating disorders and these are cured by dietary modifications and physiological therapy. Brain is not fully developed until the early 20s. At the beginning of the adolescence age, people evolve the ability to think abstractly and understand how to test out the

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