Physical Needs For The Elderly

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As people age they develop many special needs related to the later period of life. Many elderly people have specific physical needs where adaptations to their home are necessary or where they need specific equipment for self care. Old age also brings new emotional challenges for the elderly person when the family can be useful in helping to meet the persons mental health needs. Senior citizens experience needs in their social life; they also experience the need for activities with other seniors. Health needs also negatively affect the elderly and cause multiple physical problems. Every elderly person experiences needs that are related to each of these areas. There are many physical needs for the elderly that have to be taken care of.…show more content…
Some cannot afford this because it is very expensive and some might not even have that kind of money to pay for a home care. Elderly people that cannot afford home care have to rely on the help from family members. Most need help from a caregiver because they cannot take care of themselves. Vision is also a problem for many elderly people. Frequently, they need help getting to places so giving directions is a good way to lead them. Elderly people tend to forget how to do basic things. Walking and going to the bathroom is one of the biggest problems because they are unable to accomplish it independently. Elderly people have assist rails to go to bathrooms and also to get in and out of their bed. Dressing is also a problem because some forget how to dress themselves or are physically unable to dress themselves. They require aid from another person. Those who have difficulty breathing have concentrators in either their house or room if they are in a assisted living home. Oxygen tanks are more useful when an elderly person goes on an outing. Besides experiencing physical needs elderly people also become very emotional. As an elderly person he or she has emotional needs that should not be ignored. This is particularly true if the elderly person is living alone. It is especially very important to accompany them in their journey during this stage of life. Some elderly people feel lonely and even
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