Physical Network Design : A Network Topology

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I. Physical Network Design
A. Network Topology
Business Needs
UMUC management is in need of a reliable network that will be able to provide enough security of their data and any intellectual property within the servers. Data loss or manipulation may be as a result of data being intercepted during its transfer between computers. When a good network is deployed, they believe that faster and secure data traffic will be maintained.
Proposed Topology
Star topology will be used to implement this structure of a network. In a star topology, every computer is connected to the central switch that acts as the server. Any data set from the server contains a destination address and is sent only to a particular node. The requirements of this network are a switch, connecting wires, sockets, and the nodes/computers.
A star topology is very simple to implement in an organization and requires fewer cables usage. Star topology is very first compared to other topologies since a packet is set to a particular destination without passing through the other entire node. Sending of data to a particular node keeps the network faster than the other topologies. When the switch fails or any node fails it is very easy to establish the areas with fault hence easy to manage, Bejtlich [6].
B. Network Media

Business Needs
According to Sampath and Kalkunte [2], a network media refers to the path that electrical signals use to move from one node to the other. UMUC requires a fast and smooth…
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