Physical Preparation For A Successful Marathon

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The theory or idea of running 26 miles come from the story of pheidippides, a greek messenger who ran 26 miles to inform greek forces of their victory in the city of marathon. A marathon is long distance race, which is 26.2 miles long. Many people think that 26 miles is impossible to run, but with the right training and eating habits its possible. One thing people should always keep in mind is that mental preparation plays a big role in a successful marathon. Running marathons have great advantages, it 's good for weight loss, healthy, and fun to participate in. A person might want to run a marathon to test their limits or just prove they can go the distance. perhaps a friend has talked them into it or just simply want to lose weight. Whatever the reason might be it would require a lot of training. Training is defined as making or becoming prepared for a test or skill. By following a marathon training schedule, you will develop gradually through four training phases: endurance, strength, speed, and tapering. Many marathon professionals suggest that people training for a marathon should train for at least five months. Most marathon plans account for at least one cross-training workout each week during your five months of your training. Cross training may consist of strength training, cycling, swimming or another form of exercise that targets your muscles in a way different from running. Cross training helps you keep your training interesting and encourages more balance in
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