Physical Punishment and the Effects

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Brianna Ascencio
ENGWR 300 T/Th 7:30
Dr. Muñoz
November 19, 2013
Research Paper

Physical Punishment and the Effects A fearful child walks slowly, but carefully to his house from school. Walking home feels faster than usual and before he knows it, he walks into the front door as quietly as possible. He gets a sort of relief when he finds out he is home alone. Seconds later, he gets that turned feeling in his stomach again. He knows he awaits for the worst. What he has done wasn’t so bad, but it’s enough for him to know he will probably get a spanking hard enough to make him cry of pain. The child awaits in fear as he counts down the minutes till his father arrives, knowing that the worst is yet to come. Spanking may be best
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Corporal punishment also has ties with health issues in a child’s current age or future. “It may put a child at risk for depression and anger management problems (Watkins 24).” Also, the child who is abused becomes easily detached from the parent who hits them often. Using corporal punishment on children sometimes brings out the wrong message, giving children the okay to hit and act out in violence. Children learn through example and when they see that hitting is okay, they learn that lashing out in violence to respond to frustrations is normal. Spanking has showed that many children accumulate mental health problems or severely injured leading to death.The story of football star, Adrian Peterson’s two-year old son made breaking headlines when the child was suffering from injuries associated with consistent abuse. The child died two days later after suffering from head injuries. The innocent child’s killer was reported to have a history of domestic incidents. If he has had previous history of domestic violence, why was he allowed with a child that wasn’t even his own? Why hadn’t he learned a lesson from previous incidents associated with domestic violence? With such a tragic story, the government needs to partake with enforcing stronger punishments towards these mindless acts. Stories like these may have
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