Physical Restraint Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Paper: The use of Physical Restraint among Aggressive Patient in Psychiatric Sittings. Introduction “Liberty is to be free from restraint and violence from others.” (John Locke quotes). Nursing as health care provider every day facing multiple challenges in decision making to provide a good care, that parallel to ethical competency which reflect nurses critically best ethical behavioral practice (Cannaerts, Gastmans & Casterle, 2014). Furthermore, nursing ethics teaching nowadays appear highly importance, because of many argumentative and debatable issues in clinical practice become a challenge for nurses to make a balance decision with patient care. Argumentative essay is patterns of reasoning used in everyday specialized conversational argumentation, as well as in a variety of other contexts as well, including forensic debating, legal argumentation, scientific investigation and deliberations that aim at a decision on what to do in given circumstances, each statement has a distinctive set of premises and a distinctive conclusion, and schemes represent form of reasoning about debating topic (Walton, 2012). Physical restraint counted as one of major issues among patients in psychiatric sitting, which is become a complex ethical dilemma during care of patients with…show more content…
Furthermore, ANA strongly supports registered nurse [RN] participation in reducing the use of restraint and seclusion in mental health care settings. 4 Other policy was shaped by (Australian Capital Territory [ACT], 2011) provide clear information to staff to prevent the need for restraint and the use of restraint only as a last resort. Also, this intervention never use for the convenience of staff or to overcome a lack of adequate staffing availability. Moreover, don’t use restraints as punishment for any problematic

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