Physical Restraints And Nursing Homes : Clinical Ethical Considerations By Chris Gastmans And K Milisen

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The article I have chosen for the purpose of this essay is “Use of physical restraints in nursing homes: clinical-ethical considerations” by Chris Gastmans and K Milisen. The ethical dimension of care is an essential part of good nursing practice, and ethical reflection is necessary for nurses to come to thoughtful and balanced decisions. Critical reflection on what constitutes good care is required in everyday care, but even more so in ethically charged situations such as those requiring physical restraint (Goethals, Casterle & Gastmans, 2012)


According to the paper physical restraints is defined as “any device, material or equipment attached to or near a person’s body and which cannot be controlled or easily
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The article explains that ethical assessments of care is an essential part of good nursing practice and that nurses must give priority to respect for the dignity of older people, respect for autonomy, promote overall well-being and self-reliance. It article concludes by saying restraints should only be used as a last resort and once initiated, physical restraints should be reviewed regularly.


I strongly believe physical restraints are used to increase the patient’s safety but often has an effect opposite of the intended purpose, which is to protect the patient from injury. Under the review of literature that I have gone through, in my opinion restraints should be used according to the Least Restraint Policy ( J. Williams et al, 2010). The first rule as a nurse is to understand your patient that you are taking care and only then you will be able to figure out the reasons for a patients behaviour and can act accordingly by taking into account the alternative measures. As nurses we should consider the risk of using a restraint and must use our clinical judgment and decision making power to make the best choice for the patient.


The use of physical restraints is relevant to nursing practise because restarts continue to be used in the majority of healthcare settings. Nurses need to be aware of the benefits and consequences that
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