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Assignment 1

Energy can be converted from one form into another in three basic ways know as the action of force. The first one is gravitational forces which is when gravity accelerates a falling object, its converts its potential energy to kinetic energy. Likewise, when an object is lifted the gravitational field stores the energy exerted by the lifter as potential energy in the earth-object system. The second one is electric and magnetic force fields which is charged particles, upon which electrical fields exert forces, possess potential energy in the presence of an electric field in a way similar to that of an object in a gravitational field. These force fields can accelerate particles, converting a particle's potential energy into
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Several different types of oil and gas "traps" exist. Natural gas is found throughout the world in reservoirs deep beneath the surface of the earth and floor of the oceans. It forms as pockets of gas over crude oil deposits or is trapped in porous rock formations. Natural gas can be found in oil deposits, as associated natural gas, although non associated natural gas is often found without the presence of oil. Natural gas is considered as a clean fuel because of its environmentally friendly properties such as being practically sulphur free and it produces virtually no sulphur dioxide or SO2. (

Two different energy alternatives that came to mind is wind power and hydropower. Societies have taken advantage of wind power for thousands of years. The first known use was in 5000 BC when people used sails to navigate the Nile River. Persians had already been using windmills for 400 years by 900 AD in order to pump water and grind grain. ( may have even been developed in China before 1 AD, but the earliest written documentation comes from 1219. Cretans were using hundreds of sail rotor windmills to pump water for crops and livestock. Wind power is one of the most promising new energy sources that can serve as
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