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Physical Security CJA 585 January 10, 2011 In the United States everyone is concerned about safety in their homes and in his or her workplace. Individuals go to great lengths to ensure that all their possessions that they own could not be stolen from them. According to the 1999 FBI Uniform Crime Reports, nationwide 408,217 robberies were committed with the estimated amount of losses being reported at $508 million in losses. Many measures can be put in place to prevent such losses. This paper will discuss physical security and other components such as building security, grounds security, access control systems, perimeter security, information systems, and technology security. Physical Security According to…show more content…
The person who is let in could be an intruder there to do harm. For this reason many companies/residence complexes stress that authorize users should not let anyone enter unless he or she have followed the appropriate procedure for visitors. Access cards have been proven to have some vulnerability. Hackers are very intelligent and have found ways to copy the cards information. Hackers have become so accomplished that they have created portable readers t hat can capture the card number. No security method can ever be listed as 100% effective. Perimeter Security Perimeter Security can be described as a boundary that separates an area from the rest of the world. The purpose of the perimeter security is to deter, detect, delay and deny unauthorized access to a perimeter without the owner’s consent to avoid theft, vandalism, or other criminal acts. Many things are used to prevent individual from gaining access to his or her property. Fences or gates are good starting points to protect property. Gates that are high enough and locked keeps intruders out. Another line of defense is security lights. Having an area with good lighting is critical to a security system because people are less likely to commit a crime in a place if they feel they can be seen by someone. Most criminals look for an area that does not have good lighting and is away from by passers. Good lights around a home and an area not hidden by overgrown trees and
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