Physical Security

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Introduction Risk assessment and physical security survey of any building is critical in order minimize to the venerability of being put to risk due to failure to install or put the necessary mechanism to curb such potential. There is a need for thorough analysis on the risk assessment and physical survey on implementation of practices, principles and procedures in installation security measures. Definition a) Risk The term risk refers to the possible happening of undesirable event. b) Security It’s the implementation of set of acceptable practices, procedures and principles that, when taken as a whole, have the effect of altering the ratio of undesirable events to total events. c) Security survey This is…show more content…
IV. Door security Security test by consumer report magazine 1990s found that many doors delaminate when force is applied to them its also revealed that door frames often splits with little force applied and lower quality dead bolts simply fail when force applied to the door. Its in this regard that the door security be given first priority in survey bearing in mind that the intruder aims to enter any building through the door access. The following question should always be asked about the security of the door. - Do they have alarms? - Have door strike reinforcement? - Dead bolt reinforcement? - Is there a door chain? - Is there door viewers? - Visibility? - How strong is hinge screw? - How is strong the sliding door locks? V. Files, safes and vaults All valuables documents papers, records, plans or formulas of any kind should be kept secure to minimize espionage by unauthorized person. These valuables contain valuables information of the firm and they are not secure they might fall to wrong hands sabotage security operation of the pharmaceutical. It must be noted that the choice of security files depend on the value and vulnerability of the item to be protected. Burglary resistance files suitable for non-negotiable papers e.g. Titles, designs and formula can be used against any surreptitious attacks. Also files can be secured against fire by fire resistance file incase of fire outbreak and
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