Physical Security

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Physical Security Table of Contents INTRODUCTION III ELEMENTS AND DESIGN III EXAMPLES OF PHYSICAL SECURITY III PHYSICAL SECURITY ELECTRONIC ACCESS III CASINOS AND GAMING III EDUCATION III TRANSPORTATION III Goggle Search iii Dictionary Search iii Introduction This paper examines Physical Security from the perspective of perimeter such as gates/guards, building access controls, room access controls, enforcement options, auditing approaches, risk determination for physical attack vectors, etc. Physical Security describes measures that prevent and/or deter attackers from accessing a facility, resource, or information stored on physical media. It can be as simple as a locked door or as elaborate as multiple…show more content…
2. Mechanical and electronic access control Electronic access control The next layer is mechanical includes gates, doors, and locks. Control of the locks becomes a problem with large user populations and large user turnover. The use of keys can quickly become unmanageable, thus forcing the adoption of electronic access control. The most desirable is Electronic access control which easily manages large user populations, controlling the user lifecycles times, dates, and individual access points. Also, by using an additional sub-layer of mechanical/electronic access control protection one can reach a higher level of security, by integrating a key management system to manage the possession and usage of mechanical keys to locks or property within a building or campus. 3. Intrusion detection The third layer is intrusion detection systems or alarms. Intrusion detection monitors for attacks; it is less of a preventative measure and more of a response measure, despite the fact that some would argue it is a deterrent. Intrusion detection has a high incidence of false alarms and in many jurisdictions, law enforcement will not respond to alarms from intrusion detection systems. 4. Video monitoring Closed-circuit television sign The last layer is video monitoring systems. Like intrusion detection, these are not much of a deterrent. Video monitoring systems are more
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