Physical Security Management ( Mohamed )

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Physical Security Management (Mohamed)

Although online businesses conduct majority of their dealings through on an online platform they still require the need to maintain physical security of all the technologies that are responsible for keeping the online platform up and running. Companies such as Google have recognized that passwords and simple bearer tokens such as cookies are not enough to keep information safe, which is why they have suggested technologies such as smartcard-embedded finger rings to authorize permissions of computers usage (International Business, 2012).
Ultimately, online businesses should prioritize the regular maintenance of their servers and hardware just as much, if not more than, traditional businesses because in essence the assets and day to day operations are performed solely through the servers and technologies that are given that task. The sheer amount of information being transmitted and processed for an online business should cause the head of the business to ensure the physical security of the servers by placing them in various locations, redundancy is crucial in the case of a disaster, and by only allowing authorized personnel to access the server rooms to prevent any misconfigurations.
When addressing Physical security it is important to address the four layers of security which are: area surrounding the building, area that is in close proximity of the building, area which houses the infrastructure within the building, and then addressing
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