Physical Testing Should Be Accomplished Using Technology

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There was a time when students had to write several pages of homework. One would have written all through the night in an English composition notebook with a use of a black pen. Some students would even rewrite the whole page or used white out to omit a mistake made during the assignment. Now in days we have advanced in our technology abilities. We can do our personal or professional assignments in computers, tablets, or smartphones. The use of white out or even physical writing papers are not required anymore due to the increase of technology accessibility. Even different types of testing whether education placement to psychological testing can be accomplished using technology such as smartphones. Smartphones can be effective and…show more content…
Psychological testing has been around for years. 2,000 years ago, the Chinese empire administered civil service examinations to potential candidates entailing a wide range of knowledge and skills (Bowman, 1989; DuBois, 1970). But the launching of the testing movement is largely due to biologist Francis Galton for believing that the index of a person’s intelligence could be found by testing sensory discrimination and also his development of statistical methods (Anastasi, 1993). Intelligence testing became explored by Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon, believing that intelligence could be measured through multifaceted logical functions, as a result the Binet-Simon scale was developed. Another important step in this testing movement was the effects of World War I. During this stressful time, two major developments happened, a psychometric instrument was developed for group testing service members which paved the way for organizations to use group testing and personality tests emerged due to studying mental health patients from the war. Today the use of tests and of test-development practice has been steadily rising and is spreading to new areas of application (Anastasi, 1993). The use of modern technology has made psychological testing for personnel selection more effective, some examples are virtual reality and popular devices such as smartphones. Virtual reality refers the use of computerized technology that enables participants to
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