Physical Therapies Help Patients become Self-Sufficient

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Introduction: Physical therapist help their patients recover from injuries, improve mobility, and prevent or help limit impairment. The main goal of a physical therapist is to help a patient be fully self sufficient so that they can properly function in their community with the best possible health. Interest/Skills used: To be a physical therapist a person must have a desire to help people recover from injuries. Being physically active, having a positive attitude, and being able to communicate well with others are the basic skills a therapist needs. A physical therapist should be in great health and physical condition so that they are able to lift/push heavy equipment or people. This job is a very physical job so being in great health is a must. Work or learning conditions: A physical therapist working condition is demanding and evolves being mentally and physically active. These jobs are typically a 9-5. A therapist is on their feet everyday and can have up to 15-20 patients per day. They may have pick up patients, help them stand or walk, and lift heavy equipment. This job can be stressful, but physical therapists try to keep a pleasant and calm environment for their patients. Since, physical therapists help each other make their working environment less stressful, relationships with colleagues are good. Everyone that is working together has one common goal and they work together to accomplish it. Training/Educational/Licenses: The way to prepare for this
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