Physical Therapists Have A Hidden Talent Beneath Their Ability

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Physical therapists have a hidden talent beneath their ability to expedite someone’s recovery, reducing their patient’s health care costs. A study was published by the Spine Journal. It covered two patients who underwent lumbar spine surgery. The patients went on different paths prior to their surgery. One received typical pre-surgical care and the other received care from a neuroscience of pain focused physical therapist. The patients were followed up and found that the one who visited the physical therapist favored their surgical experience and used 45% less health care expense. Though the author mentioned what physical therapy provides for the patients, he/she did not cover the process of therapy the patients goes through specifically.
There is a wide range of “runners” – those who run for exercise, run for competition, or run for their entertainment. Runners are always searching for ways to stay uninjured, either stretching more prior to their run, wearing comfortable and supportive shoes, etc. Physical therapists are not fully able to help injured runners unless they understand what “running” is. An injury is never simple; there are several factors to a runner’s injuries. They include, the athlete’s diet, sleeping habits, goals, and “training errors” – running too fast, too long, or too often. Training habits are usually 70% the reason why runners injure themselves. Physical therapists wish there was one “correct” way to run, but there is not. The only thing therapists

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