Physical Therapists Provide Rehabilitation For Injuries And Help Maintain Stability

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Physical Therapy
Physical Therapists provide rehabilitation for injuries and help maintain stability. “Some history of Physical Therapist formed their first professional association in 1921 called the American Women’s physical therapeutic association. In the late 1940s, the association had changed its name to the American Physical Therapy Association. Physical Therapy was developed when the association’s membership swelled to 8,000 and the number of physical therapy education programs across the US increased from 16 to 39”(“APTA History”). Although many people may think being a physical therapist is hard because of the qualifications needed, the daily work, salary, and needs of the service have drawn my attention to the field.
Career Requirement and Qualifications:
The minimum education a Physical Therapist needs is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree(“Bureau of Labor Statistics”). Getting this degrees would take about 3 years of study to complete(Barton). The quicker you get it done the quicker you can start working as a physical therapist. “Costs of education are Public In-state: $14427 (range: $3387 to $45340) Public Out-of-state: $29157 (range: $8425 to $65156) Private: $31716 (range: $19500 to $94020)”(“Bureau of Labor Statistics”).To obtain the education and experience you will need to go to college and if you want you could go to a clinic and shadow someone who is a Physical Therapist. Some of the special skills, talents, and personality traits you will need…
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