Physical Therapists Provide Rehabilitation For Injuries And Help Maintain Stability

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Physical Therapy
Physical Therapists provide rehabilitation for injuries and help maintain stability. “Some history of Physical Therapist formed their first professional association in 1921 called the American Women’s physical therapeutic association. In the late 1940s, the association had changed its name to the American Physical Therapy Association. Physical Therapy was developed when the association’s membership swelled to 8,000 and the number of physical therapy education programs across the US increased from 16 to 39”(“APTA History”). Although many people may think being a physical therapist is hard because of the qualifications needed, the daily work, salary, and needs of the service have drawn my attention to the field.
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Having these abilities makes you a much better Physical Therapist. Personality characteristics that would help benefit your job would be being energetic, talkative (but not too talkative), outgoing, and smart(“O*NET OnLine”).
Working Conditions and Salary:
Some of the work conditions would consist of clinics, hospitals, schools, fitness facilities, offices, and nursing facilities(“Bureau of Labor Statistics”). There are some potential health and safety issues when working some of them involve you twisting, stepping or moving wrong and pulling something while trying to show a patient an exercise also having to lift patients or help them move can lead to back problems(“Fogg”). “Most of the time on the job injuries do not happen but there is still that possibility. The standard wage for a Physical Therapist is about $66,560. Maximum salary is approximately $113,340 for full time Physical Therapists.”(“Bureau of Labor Statistics”).Some things that may affect your salary range are your position, company, and degree that you have. Expensive that involve getting started are college funds that you will have to pay to get the education you need. Other benefits you get are working with people to make them better and getting them healthy again also earning money
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