Physical Therapists Should Be Legal

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Having the knowledge that Physical therapists should have to be able to practice autonomously in their profession will equip these professionals to cope with the ever changing medical practice. PTs are slowly working on “Vision 2020” of APTA (2016), wherein we are going to be DPTs, practicing autonomously with direct access, using evidence-based practice, showing professionalism all the time, to be the preferred providers (practitioner of choice) for most patients. Working on evidence-based practice, since traditional way of learning is not sufficient anymore due to the fact that change is inevitable in medical field (Crist, McVay, & Marocco, 2015a), put our profession in more complex yet very challenging task. It will open more intellectual questions and research to countercheck one research done from another. In regards with the discussion for this week, a clinical question for timed up and go (TUG) test had emerged, in regards with the effectiveness of timed up and go in predicting fall risks for elderly patients. Although it is widely used nowadays, it will still be beneficial to see if it can detect and predict if geriatric patient will be at risk if this test will be conducted or if PTs are just using the said test due to “being used by others”. As what Crist et al. (2015b) advised, first, practitioners should be able to have their clinical question, track down multiple research evidence (as noted in the chart), appraise the researches that had been seen, apply it and
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