Physical Therapy : A Physical Therapist

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On the other hand, to just become a physical therapy assistant, all that is required is graduation from a physical therapist program and passing a national or state exam. When it comes to physical therapists’ salaries, it depends on a lot on of factors, like their job location, how much experience they have and their employer. “A Physical Therapist evaluates, diagnoses, and treats patients with disorders that limit their abilities to move or function normally in daily life. This career may be a good fit for people who have good interpersonal skills & desire to help others with their physical limitations” ( For an individual to make more money as a physical therapist, they would have to get the highest level of education and then work their way up promotions and become program director or a clinic manager. It varies on what the highest position there is at their place of employment. For physical therapy assistants the national average median salary was about $45,650 annually. “Physical Therapy is going through a Renaissance of sorts. New techniques at the forefront of research and legislation. Business models adapting to economical payment structure and third party restrictions. And ultimately the evolution of specialized clinicians versus the necessarily indiscriminate practice of ‘old school’ PT. With these changes come some realizations that not all PTs are willing to embrace and in my opinion will produce controversy in an otherwise acquiescent profession”
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