Physical Therapy And Mental Therapy Essay

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Physical therapy has been a crucial and exciting part of my life since my junior year of high school. I have experienced physical therapy in multiple settings and from the perspective of a patient and therapist. Each inspiring experience has strengthened my desire to become a physical therapist, in my pursuit to help people in the most wholesome way.
I have had the pleasure of working closely with a physical therapist from Crossroads Physical Therapy through my years of exploring this profession. Dr. King was my therapist, and I was also lucky enough to observe her practice with her other patients. While I was a patient, I was able to see firsthand how the treatments were executed. I could feel how precise each body movement and hand placement was. Everything that was done had a purpose and I could feel my muscles respond to the treatment with the guidance of the therapist’s hands. I have been to physical therapy for multiple reasons over the past several years, for things such as knee subluxations and gait impairments, but I remember the treatments regarding my sacral torsion vividly. Due to the misalignment of my sacrum, I had a great deal of tension in my hips and the lumbar region of my back. Going through this experience allowed me to feel how a physical ailment in one part of the body can affect multiple other aspects of a person, including the mind. Having pains and being in constant discomfort can impact everything from your plans for the day to your outlook on life.

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