Physical Therapy And Traditional Physical Therapists

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Physical therapy was invented in the 1920’s during the polio epidemic (“Physical,” 2014). Therefore allowing physical therapists are needed all over. They help people with their injuries and helps them cope with any pain they may have. Pediatric physical therapy and tradition physical therapy only differ in the age that they work with. Pediatric physical therapists work with children under the age of eighteen, while tradition physical therapists work with people over the age of eighteen. Some factors that are considered when looking into the pediatric physical therapy career are, the reasons someone needs pediatric physical therapy, the education that is needed, the salary they receive their job outlook, skills that’s needed to be a successful physical therapist, and qualifications needed for the different job settings. As long as a person is under the age of 21 they qualify for pediatric physical therapy, over the age they then move into traditional physical therapy. Children at different ages require different types of pediatric physical therapy (“N/IICU,” 2012). Newborns require physical therapy to help them breath on their own, or help the baby learn to calm down whenever they receive a pacifier (“N/IICU,” 2012). Children need physical therapy for, cerebral palsy, chronic pain, brain injuries, muscle weakness, or bone breaks (“Pediatric,” 2014). Pediatric physical therapy is often used in order to “indicate” develop motor skills (“Pediatric,” 2014). Pediatric physical

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