Physical Therapy Assistant: Job Description

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Physical therapy assistant Job description A physical therapy assistant works under the supervisory arm of a physical therapy to provide physical treatment that helps to improve the mobility of their patients and to relieve their pain and disability which is caused by injury or disease. Together with their superiors, the physical therapy assistant works in a hospital, nursing home or clinic and they form part of the team of health care experts which also includes doctors, nurses, and occupational therapists(Meyer, 2001)2001. There is no particular age of patients which the physical therapy assistant works with since they work with patients of all ages. They can work with the elderly or handicapped children to help them move about. They can also work with patients who have lost a limb or have arthritis or have become paralyzed. The typical physical therapy assistant uses many types of equipment to provide rehabilitative care to their patients. These procedures include massage, exercise or use of light, heat, and cold. They also train patients on the use of braces, wheelchairs and artificial limbs. Education and certification A physical therapy assistant needs to have a high school diploma or certification that is equivalent. They also need to take courses in science and mathematics in high school. The prospective physical therapy assistant then goes on to get an associate degree in an accredited program for physical therapy assistants. Accreditation of these
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