Physical Therapy Case Study: Prognosis, And Patient Management

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1- The case study showed integration with the five patient/client management elements where the therapist went through these elements to reach to the optimum management for the patient. The examination of the patient problem took its place followed by the evaluating the patient examination to take the clinical judgment based on the finding. The therapist then reported the suspected diagnosis from the examination and evaluation from the physical therapy view. Prognosis was designed where the therapist determined the predicted level of improvement, goals, treatment, duration and frequency of the treatment session, and the intervention. The intervention was applied by the therapist through applying the treatment, documentation, changing of the treatment plan accordingly, communicating the other disciplines as the physician, and educating the patient. 2- The five client/patient management elements are: Examination, Evaluation, Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Intervention. Examination, evaluation and reaching to the diagnosis and prognosis are all important elements that guide the physical therapist to determine the…show more content…
The case presented a type of pain which is visceral pain referring to the shoulder. It was originating for non-musculoskeletal source. The shoulder pain level which was not responding to the physical therapy interventions and medication, the patient has history of cancer; both are red flag guide the therapist to think about the main source of pain (Mitchell, Adebajo, Hay, & Carr, 2005). In this case study, we noticed that the therapist was doing an excellent effort for 10 weeks to manage the patient condition, however, very slight improvement in the pain intensity, range of motion, and the level of shoulder functional disability. This guided the therapist to refer the patient to the physician for further investigation. Finally, the investigations discovered that the patient has adenocarcinoma along the dome of the left hemi-diaphragm and back

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