Physical Therapy Essay

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People have created a hectic and busy world, that includes careers and daily activities that require physical activity. While attempting to attain the required physical conditioning, people often take chances with their personal health as they try to stretch their physical limits. Sometimes, people can surpass their current limits and form new boundaries; however, other times people are not so fortunate. These unfortunate times often lead to injury, including workplace accidents, sporting incidents, disease afflictions, as well as others; any or all of which could bring about the need of rehabilitation services. Many of these require physical therapy, which includes assisting injured or otherwise impaired patients as they recover to…show more content…
These classes help keep the person, as a physical therapist, informed of new ideas and changing events such as insurance, Medicare and Medicaid billing procedures. Secondly, the student should also make plans to complete the required volunteer experience. In order to enroll in a Master’s degree program, the student must complete a minimum of 120 to 150 hours of volunteer service. The student should also prepare for at least three, six-week internships which are held in various parts of the United States and its affiliate provinces, such as the Dominican Republic, Philippines, as well as Guam and others. These internships are set up in order to provide the student with a variety of problem solving skills, and may or may not be paid experiences. Finally, the student must be certified by the state in which he/she wishes to practice. "Upon completion of an accredited education program, you are eligible to apply for a license in the state(s) where you wish to practice. All states require a national licensure examination, but the passing score and other requirements vary from state to state" (Careers in Rehabilitation). Once certified, the student has graduated into his/her career as a physical therapist. The list of educational requirements is fairly long and extensive, but should prepare the interested person for a fulfilling career in this field. Many opportunities arise once a person enters the field of physical therapy. Financial
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