Physical Therapy For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

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This article was written by Judy Wang, PT, and DPT, and focuses on physical therapy can be a great way to treat children with autism spectrum disorder I with significant social, communicative, and behavioral challenges but communication is the one they have the most difficult with. The physical therapist help the kids gain more confident in the skills that they can use it future. Pediatric physical therapists design the treatment so that their movements that they use in social participation are lowered and the ones that are in independence are used. Physical therapist are much involved in the lives of children with ASD, to improve their day to day functioning so when they get older they do well. The sources are credible because the website was recently updated last year with no broken links on the website. The website was well maintained and gives you tips how to design and implement activities to improve the areas where the child needs improvement. It also provides contact information so you are able to get more information or have any questions that they will love to answer. This website doesn’t provide any biased information because it states and talks about that the physical therapist helps the child with their improvements. This resource will be useful in the final capstone project because it states and talks about that how physical therapy can be a great sources to help autistic children improve their motor and speech skills. Also researcher show that it is proven
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