Physical Therapy Practices : A New Fad Therapy Or Traditional Land Based Form Of Therapy

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Physical therapy practices have an expense of time and should only be performed by a licensed or certified veterinarian or physical therapist. The question of which is a better practice for the rehabilitation in canine between aquatic therapy or traditional land-based form of therapy? Physical therapy in practice to canines started in the 1980s’ and has taken off ever since. A program for patients to get back to a sustainable condition in a time period helping the animals recover. Aquatic therapy is a new fad in the veterinary practices of rehabilitation and the result are exceptional at the first look but is it a great picture over all. (McGonagle et al. 2014) The main concept of aquatic therapy is the combination of buoyancy, density,…show more content…
Underwater treadmill and pool therapy are proven to both have advantages and disadvantages. Other types not researched to the same standards are the Underwater treadmill is a common demand with benefits of less equipment and a higher variety of affected muscles. It allows for similar motion in correlation to the normal gait using temperature, buoyancy, and water resistance along with the demand of muscle or cardiovascular activity. The use of underwater treadmill therapy is helpful in the use of a relatively normal gait while walking or jogging with the minimal chance to acquire injury or further injure the animal. This type of therapy is not only used to strengthen the physical state but as well as the confidence and mood of the patient. Animals that are weak on a certain limb are able to exercise and gain strength without the risk of injury or causing problem of other areas from the unbalanced weight distribution. Pool or deep-water therapy is another option in aquatic therapy methods. A main advantage is “the patient is almost completely non–weight bearing and the thoracic and lumbar spines are suspended in a neutral position by water buoyancy.” This eradicates nearly all the pressure on the joints. The full immersion also m the antigravity muscles are basically in a dormant phase. Resulting in the potential to minimize muscle soreness with contractions from the concentric muscle. A heated pool to control the temperatures
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