Physical Therapy Should Provide Education For Family Members Too

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o Physical therapist should provide education to family members too. For example, each stages of frozen shoulder and patient is in which stage, healing process in adhesive capsulitis.
Diabetic patient must take some exercise precautions. Even though, therapeutic exercises have potential to improve optimal health.
These exercise precautions which are built to help diabetic patient to avoid problems which can result from unwise exercise choices.
Prior to beginning of the exercises, metabolic control is imperative. The American Diabetes Association published a position statement that recommends to avoid physical activity if fasting glucose levels are > 250 mg/dl with ketosis present and use caution if > 300 mg/dl with no ketosis.11
Other end, if blood glucose levels are < 100 mg/dl, prior to beginning exercise carbohydrates should be digested. Carbohydrate-based foods should be readily available before, during, and after exercise to prevent hypoglycemia. So Always carry a fast-acting carbohydrate food such as glucose tablets when exercising in the event blood sugar drops too low and hypoglycemia symptoms develop during exercise.
A frequent blood glucose monitoring before, during, and up to 24 hours after even low to moderate exercise with appropriate adjustments in carbohydrate consumption to regulate blood glucose.
Physical therapist must take a reading prior to start exercise and it’s important to know pre-exercise glucose blood level. Determine the need of…
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