Physical Therapy Should Provide Education For Family Members Too

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o Physical therapist should provide education to family members too. For example, each stages of frozen shoulder and patient is in which stage, healing process in adhesive capsulitis. Precaution: Diabetic patient must take some exercise precautions. Even though, therapeutic exercises have potential to improve optimal health. These exercise precautions which are built to help diabetic patient to avoid problems which can result from unwise exercise choices. Prior to beginning of the exercises, metabolic control is imperative. The American Diabetes Association published a position statement that recommends to avoid physical activity if fasting glucose levels are > 250 mg/dl with ketosis present and use caution if > 300 mg/dl with no…show more content…
Therapist asks her to wear a form of ID, which identifies her as having diabetes, particularly if she is exercising alone so that others may help her appropriately to avoid complications. Relationship between adhesive capsulitis and diabetes: Diabetes is most commonly associated with adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder. The reason may be poor circulation which leads to abnormal collagen repair and degenerative joint in the joints. So the collagen fibers stick together and limit joint movement and when we do movement pain occur. So because of these reason, probably there is a link between diabetes and adhesive shoulder capsulitis.14 When we compare the general population to the diabetic patients, the occurrence of adhesive capsulitis is two to more time higher in the diabetes. Frozen shoulder occurs especially common in type II diabetes. 14 Diabetic ketoacidosis is characterized by deficiency of insulin and excess of glucagon. People with controlled diabetes, physical exercises increase delivery of insulin and glucagon to the cells due to blood circulation and mechanical contraction. Exercises also help to decrease blood glucose level in diabetic patients.16 But in uncontrolled diabetic patients, blood glucose level increases leads to increase blood activity (ketoacidosis) and severe dehydration. If not treated, it could be dangerous for health or causing death. 16 So
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