Physical Therapy as a Career Alternative

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Introduction In this text, I concern myself with physical therapy as a career alternative. In so doing, I will amongst other things identify a number of services within the said career alternative. Further, in addition to discussing the roles of the workforce within the identified services, I will also highlight the impact of the said roles on health care organizations. Physical Therapist: An Overview of the Career In the words of Field (2007), "physical therapists develop therapies and exercise modalities to help patients ease pain, recover from injuries or illness, or regain use of body parts." The relevance of physical therapy as a health care profession cannot hence be overstated. This is more so the case given that due to injuries, accidents, old age or disabilities; individuals could at some point need intervention designed to alleviate pain, improve mobility or even restore function. Services within Physical Therapy Services within this particular career include but they are not limited to therapeutic activities, massage therapy, and gait training. To begin with, therapeutic activities involve the utilization of functional activities such as pulling, pushing as well as bending. These activities are designed to enhance an individual's functional performance in a manner that can be regarded progressive. As Dreeben-Irimia (2010) points out, the said exercises make use of posture, muscular contraction, etc. to enhance an individual's overall function. When it
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