Physical Therapy for a Sprained Ankle

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Treatment of a sprained ankle as a physical therapist
This essay is going to talk about the work, salary and educational requirements of physical therapist. We’re also going to talk about the ankle and its anatomy, the sprained ankle and how to cure it. The main topic is going to be how a physical therapist is involved in the curing and rehabilitating a sprained ankle.
My name is Jasper Kuester and I’m a Physical Therapist, which are commonly known as physiotherapists. The general work of Physical therapists consists of recognizing injuries, help people to recover after fractures, sprains, strains etc. and educate the patient and his/her family about the progress of recovery etc. In the progress of recovery you use techniques like stretching, hands on therapy and exercises to improve the mobility and movement of the joints. To become a Physical Therapist you already have to have a bachelor degree. Some colleges require perquisites. Very common for that is anatomy, biology, physiology, physics and chemistry. You will go to school for three years until you have your DTP, the “Doctor of Physical Therapy” degree. During these three years you will take classes such as anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, pharmacology, and neuroscience. After finishing these three years you may apply for a one year clinical residency program. This isn’t necessary but it gives you an advantage when you want to apply for a job because Physical Therapists who completed this year are more likely to

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