Physical Wellness : The And Maintenance Of Personal Wellness Essay

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While everyone is different there are many aspects of wellness that are needed by everyone to be happy and successful in life. When speaking of wellness most people think of one thing: physical wellness. This is one of the major aspects of wellness, however there are several more including; spiritual, environmental, occupational, social, emotional, and intellectual. Throughout this paper I will set goals that I would like to personally achieve in each of these categories and how I will achieve them. I am also going to talk about the role that medications play in the arraignment and maintenance of personal wellness. Everyone’s wellness is important and vital aspect to daily life. Because of this, I am going to figure out what I need to do to achieve my goals of being overall more healthy and active. As mentioned before the most commonly known trait of wellness is one’s physical condition. On my wellness wheel the physical wellness is tied for my top category of fitness. This is because I am not overweight or just sit on the couch all day, I get up and do things. In high school I was a three sport athlete so I was constantly active. Now that college has started I need to become more active as I have noticed a drop-off in my activity levels. One of the aspects that I would like to improve upon is becoming more active once again. I am going to develop a routine pattern of when I go to the gym and what I do while there so that I will have a well-rounded workout throughout the
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