Physical and Motor Development in Preschool Children Essay

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"Children grow faster during the first 3 years, especially during the first few months, than they ever will again. By 5 months, the average baby boy's birth weight has doubled to 16 pounds and, by year 1, has nearly tripled to 23 pounds. The rapid growth rate tapers off during the 2nd and 3rd years. A boy typically gains about 5 pounds by his second birthday and 3 and 1/2 pounds by his third, when he tips the scales at 31 and 1/2 pounds. A boy's height typically increases by 10 inches during the 1st year (making the average 1-year-old boy nearly 30 inches tall) by almost 5 inches during the 2nd year(so that the average 2-year-old boy is approaching 3 feet tall), and by a little more than 3 inches during the 3rd year to top 37 inches.…show more content…
Observing toddlers in the preschool setting, also allows us to review and draw attention to the child's skills and accomplishments. We can comment on these to the child and/or the child's parents. Doing so will bring a sense of pride to the child and help his/her self esteem rise.This also incorporates the parents into the child's academic life. Some children respond to everyday occurrences differently than others.If we observe children and note their strong personality traits and/or their strong temperaments, then we can help the child through tough situations or trials based on these notes. A teacher needs to inform the parents, of the child being observed, of the results of the observations. "Research shows that children do better in school when parents talk often with teachers and become involved in school." (Parent-Teacher Communication, n.d.) When a parent is included in the child's in-class life, they feel more willing to open up about fears or concerns they may have for their child/children. The teacher can suggest a parent-teacher conference around the time of the first report card, or anytime via phone call or email, to discuss the child in the form of comments or questions. If a parent really wants to be involved the teacher can then suggest becoming an active member in the school's PTO, PTA, or booster clubs. Becoming a member of such organizations helps the parent know what's going on within the classroom as well as outside. Another way that
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