Physical and Psychological Needs

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What Do You Need? In nature all living things have needs that should be met, physical and psychological needs. While other living things such as animals have more physical needs, humans have both physical and psychological essentials, which is what separates us from them. The psychological necessities of a human are what make Humanity what it is. We develop these needs from birth and throughout lives; the desires are used to represent our personality as humans. These characteristics show our desire to grow, feel safe, feel a sense of security, and feel loved. These essentials have connected greatly in literature such as Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. In Frankenstein the creature created by Victor is abandoned and left by himself and has no…show more content…
The creature states “I am alone and miserable; man will not associate with me; but one as deformed and horrible as myself would not deny herself to me” (133). This shows that the creature desires to rid the feeling of loneliness and replace it with love with an only friend that he will ever have. He said that the creature of the opposite sex will have no other choice but to love the creature because of its looks as well, this creates a connection between both of the beings. Humans all desire naturally love and connection with one another to overcome the feelings of isolation. All humans want to for fill their psychological needs that express their humanity which is shown by the Frankenstein’s creature, despite the fact he is not seen as a human. One of the mental needs that man often uses to make a difference on society is contribution. According to the work of Psychologist Darryl Cross, contribution is “leaving a legacy and making a contribution. This is going beyond yourself; making a contribution to society and giving of yourself” (Cross 4). This means the leaving an impact on someone’s life in order to be remembered. It is also the act of giving yourself to someone for a service or for filling the need of another. Examples of Contribution to society are “Perhaps it could mean giving money. Perhaps it is giving of your time &/or knowledge. Perhaps it’s the passing over of skills or information. Maybe it means being a mentor
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