Physical and Psychological Needs of a 3 Year Old Essay

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In order for a three year old child to be physically, emotionally and psychologically healthy childcare centres or parents/carers should fulfil their child’s physical needs together with psychological needs. We are going to point out and discuss on a three year old child’s physical and psychological needs and how they can affect the child’s physical, emotional and psychological health. A three year old child needs to be well fed, given ample of rest and should be encouraged doing physical exercise. They should also be given precautions of safety everywhere. For a child to be clean, childcare centres or parents/carers should reinforce personal hygiene in a child’s daily routine. A child needs to be emotionally and psychologically strong to…show more content…
Physical exercise keeps the child physically healthy by encouraging “optimal development of the muscles, heart and lungs” (MCI, (undated b), Chp 2, pp13). Many diseases and health problems can be washed away or can also be prevented by daily physical exercise. While practising physical exercise blood flows to all parts of the body including the brain thus activating the child’s mind psychologically. The child’s social interactions can improve when given some space to do physical exercise. Outdoor exercise would be the best as there would be great space. Secondly children could even obtain vitamin D. It has also been recently found that when children play outside during the day, thus getting exposed to sunlight, their eyes tend to benefit. “...both exposures to natural sunlight, and focusing on distance objects appear to play major roles in improving children’s eyesight” (Isaacs & Blythe, 2013, pp37). Childcare centres should give at least some minutes or an hour to let the children explore the playground around the childcare centre. They should be taught all types of physical exercise which would be managed with ease by the children. They should also be taught swimming and cycling as these exercises strengthen the bones and muscles plus they also open up their minds psychologically. Swimming and cycling can also secure the child in case of accidents in future. Providing a well-balanced diet to the child by the parent/carer keeps the child’s body
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