Physical and psychological needs of a 3 year old child

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Explain what constitutes the physical and psychological needs of a three year old child. Explain how these needs can ideally be met in a childcare setting. “The child 's development follows a path of successive stages of independence, and our knowledge of this must guide us in our behaviour towards him. We have to help the child to act, will and think for himself. This is the art of serving the spirit, an art which can be practised to perfection only when working among children.” (Montessori, 2007, p 257) In this essay I will initially define the child’s needs and then link it to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. I will then further explain a 3 years old child’s Physical needs and elaborate how a practitioner can support these needs…show more content…
Weather also plays an important role. The child should be protected against extreme weather conditions. He should be provided with proper clothing according to the weather. For e.g. our country has hot and dry weather and for that reason we have shady areas in our nursery for the children to play and we also encourage them to drink plenty of water to keep them hydrated. The rooms should have a proper ventilation system so that the children can get enough fresh air. There should be a quiet corner in the room where they can take a nap or rest if they feel tired or sleepy. Safety aspects like the security of the building, ensuring that the child remain on the premises and unwanted people coming and going out should also be kept in consideration. Fire safety and having regular evacuation drills in case of fire should be done in order to train the staff. Children should be taught about the road safety for e.g. In my nursery setting we have certain areas with zebra crossings so that children can understand the use of zebra crossing. Physical Needs also includes development of their Fine and Gross Motor skills . A 3 year old child can run easily. He/She can walk upstairs using one foot per step, skips on both feet and paddles and steers a tricycle. Practitioner should make sure that there should be an outdoor place for
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