Physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of individual through life stages

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P1 – Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social Development of the Individual through the Life Stages

In this assignment I will be looking at all the PIES in each life stage. The Pies are:
Life Stage
Key Features
9 months before birth
Egg and sperm fuse after sexual intercourse and create new living being
Pregnancy (gestation)
9 months to birth
Physical development of embryo and foetus
Birth and infancy
0-3 years
Attachment to carers
4-9 years
First experience of education
10-18 years
Identification with peer group – puberty takes place during this period
18-65 years
The right to
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Another part of intellectual development is the development of language skills, language skills are important because they are need to express feelings, this way when having a conversation people can understand the feelings they are having. It is also needed to communicate needs and give information and develop relationships and imagination. At around 3 months infants begin to make babbling noises because they are learning to control the muscles associated with speech. At around 12 months they begin to imitate sounds made by carers such as da-da, this then develops into the use of single words. At around 2 they start to make two-word statements and build their knowledge of words. At round 3 years of age they begin to say simple sentences with a rapid growth of vocabulary. At around 4 when they start childhood they use clearer sentences that are understood by everyone but they are expected to make mistakes with grammar and from 5 years onwards children can using full adult terms, although vocabulary will continue to grow most children are expected to use language effectively by age 5.
Emotional – Emotional development is the development of feeling towards other people and ourselves and it
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