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Specialty Certification
Hannah Huan
A.T. Still University: Physician Assistant Program
PA-562: Introduction to Body, Mind and Spirit
July 18, 2015 Abstract:
Physician Assistants (PAs) are equipped with a generalist medical skill set, which gives PAs career flexibility when compared to other medical providers. For example, PAs are able to change specialties in response to changes in society’s medical demands. However, the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) has raised a controversy for the PA profession by implementing specialty certification. This would restrict flexibility and deviate away from the purpose of the profession. The two main opinions regarding specialty certification will be
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By educating PAs as medical providers within a shorter timeframe and inexpensively PAs are able to deliver healthcare under a physician’s supervision. This allows PAs to increase efficiency in medical practices. PAs are uniquely equipped with a generalist medical skill set that allows them the career flexibility unlike other medical providers. To be able to change specialties in response to changing medical demands in society gives the PA greater flexibility than other providers.
The Importance of PAs

The PA profession has been an important component of the health care system. The creation of PAs in the 1960s was driven by a shortage of healthcare providers. This situation was resolved by using ex-corpsmen coming back from the Vietnam War (PAWorld, 2011). There was an accelerated education for the ex-corpsmen to train them for civilian medicine to provide health care services under the supervision of a physician. The PA training process was thoroughly planned to provide an education similar to a physician’s, to create a physician mindset, and also be trained faster and less expensively than a physician. The accelerated education of a PA has been a pinnacle point because in just two to three years, a PA can immediately start practicing medicine without a residency or fellowship. This makes PAs more desirable and economical for fulfilling the need as healthcare providers.
PAs are also trained as generalists to provide a foundation to be adaptable when switching medicine
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