Physician Assisted Suicide : A Controversial Moral Issue

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Physician assisted suicide is a controversial moral issue that I feel should be allowed in all states not just a few. Right now there are only five states that have some type of death with dignity law; one which has some extra steps that need to be taken to be able to use the law. Over the last year there has been more media coverage on this topic because of a young woman named Brittany Maynard, who decided to tell her story with needing this option. The real question though should be do we have the right to tell someone that they do not deserve to have this choice? Physician assisted suicide is not something that anyone can use, it is for terminally ill patients only. Some state’s death with dignity law makes it so that you have to be terminally ill and receive permission from a judge before acting on the law. If there are regulations as to who can use it and how to be able to use it, I believe this would be a great thing for many people. It would end the suffering of the terminally ill and picking when they would die would allow their family to know when it would happen so they could say their goodbyes. It would also allow for everyone to come together and be supportive of one another, not have family or friends in different areas just hoping to get there in time to say goodbye. The church just like many people are still against physician assisted suicide, but it is not killing someone as it sometimes is viewed as. It is giving them the option to end their life in a less
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