Physician Assisted Suicide Dilemma Essay

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Dilemma for Nurses: Physician-Assisted Suicide. (2010, May 01). Retrieved June 14, 2017, from
****In this article nurses had raised some extended questions, “what is the nursing role in treating patients than physician-assisted suicide?” First, we need to define physician-assisted suicide “the provision to a patient by a medical health professional of the means of ending his or her own life” (Dilemma,2010). As we all know that the patient has the right to deny any kind of treatment at the patient’s proposal so we cannot view it as physician-assisted suicide but other than a respectful manner to the patient’s nobility and one’s own choice. Nurses encounter problems when caring for their terminally ill patient who request for a physician-assisted suicide. The Code of Ethics for Nurses, is a standard principle for nurses to abide by. When the end-of-life questions arises for nurses, “The Code of Ethics for Nurses” is to guide their practice so no
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Like euthanasia, is it consider PAD? Unfortunely, euthanasia is not the same as PAD. What makes PAD different from euthanasia is that the patient carries out the action of administering the medication to end the his/her life. Euthanasia is when the physician is directly administering the lethal dose to end the patient’s life. And there is some other practice that are different from PAD, such as withholding/withdrawing life-sustaining treatments, pain medication that may hasten death, and palliative sedation. The main focus of this article question, is PAD ethically permissible or not? It listed the proponent and the opposed side of the debate and whether it should be illegal. There are only 3 state that had legalized PAD: Oregon, Washington, and Vermont under strict patient eligibility
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