Physician Assisted Suicide During The United States And Other Countries

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Nicole Clarke
Professor Patrice Hughes
Intro to International Studies, 201640-ISS-2200-02Z
28 November 2016
Physician Assisted Suicide and Assisted Suicide in the United States and Other Countries

Suicide. A term many of us are uncomfortable with, it is a tender subject especially for those who have been affected by it personally. What about the term physician assisted suicide (PAS) or assisted suicide? Around the world and more recently in the United States we have seen these terms in the news more often. Various forms of medically assisted dying and/or assisted suicide for the terminally or hopelessly ill competent adult have been approved by 2010 in the following ten states and nation: Switzerland (1940), Oregon (1994), Colombia (1997), Albania (1999), The Netherlands (2002), Belgium (2003), Washington (2008), Montana (2009) and Luxembourg (2008) (Humphry). With the addition of England and Wales (2010), Vermont (2014), New Mexico (2015), Quebec (2015), California (2015) and Canada (details pending for 2016) (“Assisted Suicide Law Reform”). Physician assisted suicide and/or assisted suicide is a major ethical issue in medicine, as well as an issue that involves law and public policy (Weir 7). In this paper I will discuss the different types of physician assisted suicide including the different practices in different countries.

Euthanasia is a term that when asking friends and family, I found most often is associated with “putting our animals down” when…
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