Physician-Assisted Suicide Essay - Euthanasia Should Not be Legalized

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Euthanasia Should Not be Legalized

"It is conceivable, that life can deteriorate to the point where

persons lose their dignity and self-respect and are unable to communicate;

life in such a form no longer meets meets the basic criteria of human-

ness." (O'Keefe, A1) Under these circumstances only should Euthanasia be

practiced and then only passively ("pulling the plug"). "Dutch Death",

Euthanasia, doctor assisted suicide, whatever you want to call it, it

should not be legalized.

People should live their lives for as long as long as it is worth

living. As long as someone can still have experiences and communicate with

others, they should go on living. Someone may have six
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(O'Keefe, A1+)" This issue is compared to how

abortion was before it was legalized. "The main reason for legalization of

abortion was because it was being done anyway. People HAD access to

abortion, it was just being done terribly. We're in exactly the same

situation today: People do have access to assisted suicide--it's just

being done so badly. (Shavelson, 39)" Just because something is done does

not mean that it should be legal. Many things that are illegal are done

anyway. Look at drugs, underage drinking, drunk driving, and speeding;

these things are all illegal and are frequently practiced. Should these or

other things be legallized just because they are done anyway? This is not

a valid reason for leagalizing anything.

Where would it end if the practice of euthanasia were to be legalized,

how far would it go? Would it end with assisted death for the terminably

ill? The world looks to the Netherlands as the only working model of

assisted death, a nation known for its open aproach to abortion,

prostitution and drug use. "A `coffieshop' next to an Amsterdam police

station has on its menu hash and maijuana, one-forth of an ounce for 25

gulden, about $15.

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