Physician Assisted Suicide

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Death is it our right to decide when? Who has the right to decide when it is our time to go? Should the government, the insurance company, or ourselves decide? Should nature be able to take its course with no interference from humans? For years, physicsians have not been allowed to help patients with suicide. Dr. Jack Kevorkian brought it to the forefront when he was arrested and senteced to over 60 years in prison even though the families of his patients showed their gratitude towards him. Recent laws in Montana, Oregon, and Washington have started the trend of Physican assisted suicide, but the U.S Attorney General’s office, are determined to prevent such laws from passing. In the following pages we will look at the pros and cons of…show more content…
Physician assisted suicide would give them that chance, and die with dignity. Vital organs could be saved allowing you to save someone else’s life. There is long waiting list for all kinds of organs that could save the lives of others. If diseases run their full course those organs could be useless to help someone else. Do we have the right to put the needs of the living ahead of those that are dying? Someone who is dying and truly wants to die, nothing is going to stop that person, whether it is done by Physician assistance or committing suicide by themselves. The elderly have the highest rate of committing suicide, because they see themselves lonely and in pain. Which is less traumatic controlled, compassionate physician assisted suicide in the hospital or coming home to find your loved one dead from a bullet to the head. How about this one, you have been busy with your own life, work, children, your home life; you have not had the chance to go by and check on daddy or momma for a few days. When you finally get around to it you find them dead, and they have been dead for two or three days not a pretty site and you will never get over the guilt of not being there. After reading the pros do you find yourself agreeing with any of them? Do not judge to fast let’s look at the cons of assisted suicide. It goes against the doctor’s Hippocratic Oath. When the doctor receives his degree he takes an oath which says “First, do no harm”. Assisting in the death of someone
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