Physician Assisted Suicide Paper

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For this research paper, I want to concentrate on the issue of physician- assisted suicide. Physician suicide assisted death (PSD) is a death that has been mediated by a physician toward a patient who intends or wishes to die. In the United States, physician- assisted suicide is illegal in most states. Although, there are some states, like Oregon that have legalize physician- assisted suicide or California who is in the process of legalizing physician patient death, most states considered physician- assisted suicide as murder and physician as criminals. However, in our current constitution, the fourteenth amendment(14th) protects and guarantees people with the right to pursue any life option that supports their independence, life and pursuit…show more content…
Unlike, previous reviews, the author begins by defining physician- assisted suicide death and its differences from other forms of euthanasia. In this article, Ardell also addresses the ethical and moral dilemma between letting people have control over their own bodies through assisted suicide and the state’s decision to prevent individuals from taking their lives. Specifically, Ardell compares two countries, Netherlands and the United States, in which physician-assisted suicide is legal and illegal to assessed how each decision has influence patients with terminal illness. Finally, Ardell also focuses on Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act to explain how the court decision of legalizing assisted death has impacted a whole community of people, hospitals and generally end-life care for terminally-ill patients. Although, the author doesn’t offer her opinions or a general conclusion about legalizing physician-assisted suicide, she explains that most Oregon physician assisted suicide cases has been about achieving a “death with dignity” or a death in control, rather than preventing pain. Hence, this article is important for my research paper because it explores both the legal and moral repercussion of legalizing physician -assisted suicide in the context of achieving a “death with…show more content…
In this historical piece, Holstein describes how death have transformed our society across time and context. Even though, Holstein doesn’t address directly the issue with physician- assisted suicide or its current legality, she offers great insight on what its dying, the problems with our current health care and what it means for a person to achieve a “death with dignity”. Finally, Holstein also touches in her piece the impact that current technology has had over a patient’s autonomy and the manner and way in which they died in our society. Hence, this paper is essential for my own research because it introduces the problem with our health care, the boundaries for maintaining control in a controlling society and the issue of dying with dignity with technologies or laws that seek to prolong our
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