Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal

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Physician-assisted suicide, abbreviated as PAS, is a topic that carries wide concerns to people in the United States. PAS is being deliberated on whether a physician should be legally allowed to prescribe a lethal drug to its patient. Many views conflict each other on this topic, whether it is because of religion, morals, or ethics. As PAS can be a difficult subject to others, PAS is usually decided by the patient itself.
When religion gets involved with the subject of PAS, many religious groups claim that no one should be able to take away God’s creation. God should only be the one to end a person’s life. “Suicide would then be ‘considered as a rejection of God 's sovereignty and loving plan’”(Nicholas). Religious activists say that God does not send any burdens that one will not be able to handle. They also argue that there are many treatments out in the world to help the terminally ill tolerate their pain at moderate levels, but it is widely not accessible, or the terminally ill patients are not willing to comply with the other alternative treatments. However, those who cannot gain access due to reasons like financial issues can value pain. They can view pain and suffering as: "a divinely appointed opportunity for learning or purification"(Ethical Aspects).
Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, wrote an oath; in the oath, he stated that no doctor should assist someone in their death. If the Father of Medicine wrote an oath and medical students swore to it, then they
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