Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal

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Brittany Hollar
Ms. Jonte
English III Period 5
10 April 2016
Physician Assisted Suicide Currently, in Vermont, California, Oregon, Washington,and New Mexico, lethal medication is being given to terminally Ill patients to end their lives. There are several reasons why assisted suicide is illegal in the majority of states, such as the demand for suicide due to a patient 's excruciating pain, misinterpreted life expectancies and diagnoses, poor medical coverage by insurance companies, and the financial interests of the patients families. On the other hand, some suggest various reasons why assisted suicide should be legal. The legal status of physician assisted suicide, as a hotly debated topic, teeters on both sides of legality in varying
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This has a capability of administering a constant delivery of a drug into the body. Sudden pain can be ceased instantly by the patients PCA.
Barriers to effective pain management exist. These barriers include: religious belief, poor practice by doctors, patient fear, and incorrect doses of medication. The issues of the barriers are being addressed with great efforts to remove them. Removing these barriers is the answer to full pain management on the opposing side to physician assisted suicide (Balch, Waters 7). The majority of patients requesting assisted suicide due to pain decided against suicide after their pain was treated properly. “...the availability of assisted suicide may lead to a decrease in or failure to increase the availability of pain management…” (Harned 515).
Terminally ill patients sometimes have misinterpreted life expectancies or even experience unexpected healing. Sharyn MacKay, a forty-six year old diagnosed with a kidney tumor, was told the cancer had spread and was incurable. Her doctors believed that chemotherapy would only add a few weeks to her life. However, MacKay strongly believed that she could win her battle against cancer. Three months later, after prayer and determination, her tumor had disappeared. Another example of this healing involves a man named John Pattison, aged twenty-one. In 1974, he was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and was not expected to live more than six months. He
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