Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legalized

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In this essay, I will argue that physician assisted suicide should be legalized in the case of a chronic illness, where the patient must take a large amount of drugs to heal themselves and or to subdue pain, and where the patient is living a life that is less fulfilling, or diluted, from their life before. Physician assisted suicide can be to patients who are suffering and wish to end their life, with the help of a physician so the patient could feel more comfortable or safer. As mentioned in class, physician assisted suicide is already legal in some states, such as Oregon. In this means of suicide, the doctor does not administer the fatal dose or press the button; the patient must make that decision and that is what distinguishes it from euthanasia. I will present three arguments for the legalization of PAS in specific cases. First PAS eases the pain of chronically ill, suffering patients. Second, I will argue that the legalization of physician assisted suicide returns autonomy to the patients. Third, I will argue that the limiting of emotional suffering in patients and their loved ones provides a convincing argument for the legalization of physician assisted suicide in certain cases. Finally, I will address the counterargument of the theoretical slippery slope of doctors and physicians losing the ability to stick to the distinction set, and PAS being used on people who do not need it, or too frequently. The ability to commit physician assisted suicide for patients who are
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