Physician Assisted Suicide Should Not Be Legal

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Justine Aguilar 16 May 2016 English 100 Melody Kowach Say No to Physician Assisted Suicide Has anyone ever heard of the term Assisted suicide? The term assisted suicide “ is suicide committed with the aid of another person, who is usually a physician. It usually is called physician assisted suicide because a doctor is providing information on committing suicide with lethal doses of drugs (Assisted). There are many people with a terminal illness considering assisted suicide. Assisted Suicide is legal in five states which is Oregon, Vermont, Washington, California, and Montana. Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and California legalizes assisted suicide through a law. Montana is the only state that requires a court ruling for assisted suicide. Assisted suicide varies on a method in each state. It usually is prescribed by a doctor in the state where the patient is living. Assisted suicide has been active from 1997 up through 2016 .An interesting fact is Assisted suicide has failed more times then it has succeeded (Physician). Physician Assistant Suicide should not be legal because of the requirements to perform it and the consequences of it In states that allow assisted suicide their are requirements that need to be followed. “According to ODDA, a psychologist or psychiatrist may be requested to make an evaluation of an individual’s competency to continue with the process of PAS” (Johnson 2015). This should be considered a requirement in the protocols in each state that allows
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