Physician Assisted Suicide : Sinful Act Or Act Of Compassion? Essay

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Raquel Gomez Professor Nicholas Boushee POLI SCI 102 TTH 11:10-12:35 September 7,2016 Physician Assisted Suicide; Sinful Act or Act of Compassion? The topic of assisted suicide was almost never broached simply because it was always considered a touchy subject, that all changed last year. Medically assisted suicide is the act of a terminally ill patient deciding to withdraw all forms of medical treatment to ingest a lethal dose of prescribed medication. As of October 5,2015 California is only one of six states that offer medically assisted suicide. The additional five states include; Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, and New Mexico. Physician assisted suicide rightfully provides terminally-ill patients with the choice to end their life should they meet all requirements and be in the right state of mind at the time of their request. It was in 1990’s when the topic of assisted suicide reached an all-time high. It was the work of Doctor Jack Kevorkian that began in 1960 that sparked the topic of “right to die” legislative action. Doctor Kevorkian was a Michigan doctor responsible for the deaths some 44 suicides for terminally ill patients. Doctor Kevorkian along with many accredited doctors such as Marcia Angell, agree on one main point; terminally-ill patients should have the right to determine how they should end their life. Marcia Angell, states in her article The Supreme Court and Physician-Assisted Suicide-The Ultimate Right that “Although others may consider

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