Physician Assisted Suicides

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Imagine suffering day to day with consistent hospital visits, numerous medications, and unbearable pain for the next six months of your life, then being told that dying peacefully is not a granted privilege. Then imagine not being able to die in a controlled and dignified process like you prefer to. How would that affect the way you feel about death and the rest of your life you have left? Millions of people suffering from terminal illnesses consider physician-assisted suicide, but their wishes are rejected due to state and government beliefs. In fact, only five states out of fifty have a law permitting citizens the right to participate in physician-assisted suicide. That leaves just only 10% of the United States entitling critically ill patients to die with nobility. However, many citizens are commencing to lean toward physician-assisted suicides once they ascertain they hold a terminal illness.…show more content…
With self-interest, patients inquire a legal doctor about their privilege of a controlled death by oral medication. Physician-Assisted Suicides allow “a competent adult resident of the state to obtain a prescription from a physician for a lethal dose of medication, for the purpose of causing death through self-administration” (Ganzini 77). Aid in dying is a term commonly used for physician-assisted suicide. In other words, Physician-Assisted Suicides permit terminal patients and physicians to work together to accommodate a licit planned death. Furthermore, with the permission of AID, “a physician writes a prescription for the life-ending medication for a terminally ill, mentally capacitated” (Orentlicher, Pope, and Rich
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