Physician Interest Profile

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The Interest Profile ranked Artistic and Investigative among my most prominent traits and offered many careers relating to architecture and politics. I cannot deny the results, for I too believe I am passionate about art, and always attempt to discover the solution to a problem, whether it be through logic or through some other method. For this program, I have learned that I would prove successful in areas relating to both art, and investigation, for it will satisfy both of my interests. Notwithstanding the accuracy of the description given to me by this program, I have chosen to pursue a differing career in the field of medicine. The career I have chosen to pursue is that of a Nuclear Medicine Physician, and after briefly scanning the details of the profession, I have come to the conclusion that this career would be an ideal…show more content…
I have witnessed people struggle through hardships due to disease, or some other medical condition, whether they be a stranger on the street, or even in my own family, which has prompted me to aid those in need by becoming a physician. I chose this career to due to my passion for aiding those in need, and attentiveness while performing duties, which will prove vital in this career. Furthermore, I greatly enjoy both science and mathematics, specifically in the field of atomic physics. Understanding the radionuclides, and the effects of them will be extremely important in the career. My love of physics, medicine, and my attentiveness, along with my urge to aid those in need is what prompts me to become a professional in radioactive medicine. For these reasons, I have chosen to become a Nuclear Medicine
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