Physician-Nurse Conflict

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According to the above mentioned case study, we are going to look at area of Power, Politics and Conflict in the health care environment. Conflict in the work place is not always negative. As pleasant as it may seem, the total avoidance of conflict is more fairytale than a realistic expectation. Although there is multiple negative effects, there is also some positive benefits towards conflict. Due to the high stress environment in the health care, professionals experience conflict quite frequently.
When we look at Dynamics of conflict it can occur on various levels, within the person, between persons, between persons in one group or between different groups. Conflict also occurs because of personality differences, different attitude, different opinions, cultural emotional stability, maturity and education and different backgrounds. Value differences also lead to conflict in the health care industry. Especially looking at the Physician-nurse conflict arose when nurses refuses to follow a Physician’s prescribe order.
Decision making is also an important factor that can result in conflict. In the past nurses had little to do with complex decisions in the health care industry but the roles have changed significantly. Some physicians find it difficult
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As a solution to minimising political behaviour, company leaders can provide equal access to information and demonstrate that political manoeuvring will not be tolerate. The negative side when take for example the health care industry, researchers found that if employees think their organisation is driven by politics, thus can result in employees that are less committed to the organisation, lower job satisfaction, job anxiety and also depressed moods will occur.
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