Physician Patient Interactions And The Development Of Relationships Between Physicians And Patients

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In the medical world, physician-patient interactions are vital to the development of relationships between physicians and patients. For this paper, I observed a Pediatrician’s interaction with three very different patients. Even within Pediatrics, doctors see children of many different ages and have to adjust their communication methods and skills depending on specific situations. In this paper, I shall be discussing 3 of the interactions that I observed, which included a regular checkup for an 18 month baby, a yearly checkup for an 8 year old boy, and a sick 11 year old boy. From these experiences, which I shall describe more in detail throughout this paper, I learned that the majority of the concepts that we explored this year through this class play major roles in affecting physician-patient encounters in the real world and that each and every patient encounter is unique, because physicians tailor their skills and behavior based on the context and situation of the interaction.


The first patient that I observed was a young 11 year old boy who came in complaining about having nasal congestion, fever, and a persistent cough from the past week. Throughout the encounter, the flow of communication was pretty good and balanced, as the physician asked questions and after the patient responded the physician asked follow up questions. However, one major factor that affected the encounter was the presence of a “third party”. The patient’s…
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